Friday, January 22, 2010

The Discocks - Long Live Oi!

Oi! No, but seriously. I've been listening to a shitton of sludge/crusty/anarcho shit for the last little while and then came across this old album in my library. I'd just like to bring it back to the fast, fun, furious punk rock of the early(ish) days.

The Discocks were a Pogo-Punk/Oi! group from Japan playing a lot of the typical (yet really fun) pogo-punk music that's came/coming out of places like Korea, China, Japan so on and so forth. These guys are fucking great to drink a few beers to, or even if you're simply not paying attention and you need background noise.

Honestly, this cd makes me want to put on my boots and smash shit, not even because it's angry, but because it's so fucking punk rock.

Just listen, its fun. It's also got some Business covers.

The Discocks - Long Live Oi!