Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Korova - Another Happy Customer

First real post in months, that Attake 7" was really just a tester. Anyways, I was emailed months and months ago, actually last April by the singer of a band called 'Korova,'asking me to upload their album 'Another Happy Customer'... But, due to a computer crash, I was outta luck for uploading anything for a few months, and by the time I got back I had forgotten completely about this band, and the fact they had asked me to put the album on the blog. Anyways, they're a hardcore band from Birmingham, Alabama, and in the singers words expressed in the email, "I think we sound like Ceremony crossed with Cult Ritual, but the recording is pretty slick compared to a lot of underground hardcore coming out right now. Really, we just rip off Black Flag really hard." Either way, these guys rip and sound great, so check the album out.

First and foremost, support the band, (maybe send them a message and ask to purchase the album?)

Another Happy Customer

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Attake - March To The Gallows 7"