Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Antischism - Antischism (Discography)

A prominent South Carolina anarcho crust punk band, basically, this is Antischisms discography, self-titled. The album is 35 songs long and is pretty much fucking amazing the whole way through. More or less, it never slows down and it if does, it drags it out into a blistering short finish. It's seriously a crazy album, a few versions of songs without Lyz (female vocalist, great voice), and a few live songs I think may have been recorded in Peterborough, Ontario, close to wear we live .Band members went on to play in bands such as; In/Humanity, Initial State, .fuckingcom, Thank God, Damad and etc.

Song #'s: 35
Size: 98mb
BR: 192kb
Track Listing:
1. Foreign Policy
2.Scream/Violent World
3.Salvation or Annihilation
4.Flesh of Another
5.End of Time
6.Big Brother in Your Bedroom
7.Elements of Oppression
10.Lines on a Map
13.Freedom At Last
14.No Hope
15.Alien Race
16.Greedy Bastards (live)
17.Foriegn Policy (live)
18.Salvation or Annihilation (live)
19.Flesh of Another (live)
20.End of Time (live)
21.Big Brother in Your Bedroom (live)
22.Elemaents Of Oppresion (live)
23.Labels (live)
24.Factory (live)
25.Lines on a Map (live)
26.Where We Stand (live)
27.Take Your City Back (live)
28.Scream/Violent World (live)
29.Sacrifice {Rudimentary Peni Cover} (live)
30.Lines on a Map [different version]
31.Path of Destruction
32.Mothers [different than Stereonucleosis version)
33.Where We Stand
35.Evil God

Antischism - ANTISCHISM:Discography

Thursday, December 24, 2009

a//Political - Propaganda by Deed & Planting the Seed of Revolution

A//Political was active during the mid to late 90s. Their style is similar to that of many "peace punk" bands from the early 1980s and was heavily influenced by anarcho-punk bands like Crass and Conflict. Members were involved in the Crasshole Collective and the Anarcho-Punk Federation (A.P.F.). Many members were in other local punk bands such as Coexist, Flag Fallen and U.S. War Commission. Stas (vocals) also sang for Boston area anarcho-punk band, Krema-1.

Similar to bands like Crass who had shitty shitty songs, only somehow alot of these songs are surprisingly pretty catchy. Who Will Build the Roads, It's Not About Politics It's About Life, and You Are What You Consume are probably my favourite songs. I actually even used You Are What You Consume as the title of my other blog.

So this is two of their albums.

The Crasshole Collective also doubled as a record label. While they were mainly responsible for releasing their first album, "Planting the Seeds of Revolution," on tape and their 7" ep, "Propaganda by Deed" they also produced at least two compilation tapes of various politically minded bands and a tape by Flag Fallen. The musical caliber of the comp tapes varied wildly because recording quality or musical talent were not used as filter criteria. Instead, the message of the bands was the focus.
Crasshole also produced the little known and poorly recorded debut album from the now well known folk-punk band Against Me!. Only a handful of the first run were sold. (If anyone wants that Against Me! debut album, comment on this entry and I can upload it)

So yeah. "The musical caliber of the comp tapes varied wildly because recording quality or musical talent were not used as filter criteria. Instead, the message of the bands was the focus." That pretty much describes this band, even though they're kinda catchy and good. Very political lyrics. Focus more on what they're saying/singing, it's pretty smart and clever.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chaos UK - Morning After the Night Before

Chaos Uk... no other words needed.

Morning After The Night Before

Maple Street Impressions - MSI

Maple Street Impressions

Who said Punk was dead?

Hailing from Maple Ontario, four young teenagers have swallowed the pill of putrid, hate and anger that is punk rock, and regurgitated it into a symphony of revolutionary noise. Taking on the task of booking their own shows, Joey, Brad, Luke and Dave have started what is to be one of the freshest, most energetic punk rock bands to grace Ontario in the last ten years. With the release of their self-entitled EP, they’ve unleashed a blitzkrieg of shows to promote their sound and band, while remaining loyal to their fan base. Stopping at nothing, this onslaught of revolutionary noise has now teamed up with the producer of the legendary third-wave ska band ‘Big D and the Kids Table’ to produce their new album which is to be released sometime this year. When we thought all hope was lost, the scene was dead and there was nothing new to look forward to, Maple Street Impressions blasted onto the Oshawa scene, and left few standing to tell the tale. They’ve worked together with such artists as local talent Keepin’ 6, and widely known creators of Horror-Punk, The Misfits. At eighteen years of age, these young geniuses have much to look forward too.

Promoting peace, non-violence and a hell of a good time partying, Maple Street provides a good anchor against human tragedy at all of their shows. For the few minutes that seem to last forever as they rip their set and shred their instruments, the reconciled world is there and then. Beyond what’s real and in front of you, Maple Street Impressions offers an escape to the ideal perfect world that we all wish to live in, a friendly environment that still leaves room for absolute chaos in the pit. With songs like ‘Dead To the Government’ and ‘No-Law,’ M.S.I. presents overt socio-political lyrics that everyone can relate to and understand, making the already upbeat, catchy tunes easily understandable for all.

- Zachary Weaver

Maple Street Impressions - S/T

Corporation - A New Pope & Corporation Strikes Back

Corporation is a skacore/punk band from Ontario. They take some elements from ska and combine it with fast punk.
In December 2006, the band released their first, completely D.I.Y. CD: “A New Pope”. Containing 9 tracks, and crowd favourites such as “Channel 39”, “My Choice” and “Invasion Of The Walmartians”, it showed the raw energy and potential that Corporation could wield. Corporation released their new full-length album, titled “The Corporation Strikes Back”. Showcasing all new songs such as “Charon Doesn’t Have Change For Million Dollar Bills”, “Guantanamo Bay”, and “Dead At The Age Of 18”. It is evident that they have upped the ante, reaching new levels of energy and creativity, all while maintaining to keep D.I.Y. productions.

This isn't some big corporate band. I won't upload their newest album"The Return of Corporation" because I want you to BUY it. I only uploaded the first two albums to get people interested in the band, and to see if they like what they hear. If you do, go BUY the albums, and pick up The Corporation Strikes back while you're there. Support these guys.
To demonstrate the newer/ish sound I included "Money Machine" as a track because it's on their myspace anyways.

Seriously, buy the new album. Support these guys. They're a good band. (And they really like Star Wars)



Friday, December 4, 2009

TheKillingSpree - Demo

A thrashcore demo tape by... my brothers band actually, from Vancouver BC although originated in Oshawa/Bowmanville, Ontario, my hometowns. This demo is a few years old and doesn't contain any vocals, but I'd still recommend its download purely for the instrumental, it's good for skateboarding and such. It's a heavy, heavy mix between thrash, punk and metal. Enjoy.

TheKillingSpree - Demo:

Blackjacket - Acoustic EP

Blackjacket's a local band from Oshawa, Ontario. Oshawa's a slum of shit. Beautiful stuff grows out of shit.
Blackjacket is a highly political punk band, and their music is actually audible, intelligent, and catchy (but not fruity). I highly suggest listening to this band.
The download is an acoustic live album where they covered some of their other songs, and it's pretty damn good. If you like what you hear, buy their full albums either from interpunk or through their myspace.
Hell, even if you don't like their music, check out their website and read their blogs and stuff oh- wait-nevermind-its-down-but-ill-leave-the-link-there-anyway.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thrashington D.C. - To Live and Die in BMO

To be honest, the first time I listened to this cd I never payed much attention to it, but a month or two ago I gave it a real good listen over, and determined that it's most definitely one of my favourite thrash/punk/hardcore CD's of all time. Released in 2007 on La FÚe Verte, the most notable tracks for me are 'Kill My Boss,' 'Untrue Til Death,' and the Beastie Boys cover 'Egg Raid on Mojo' .. the cd seriously doesn't slow down once in intensity, ripping through all 16 songs in seventeen minutes.

In thrash we get trashed!

To Live and Die in BMO


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Iskra - Bureval

Without a doubt one of my favourite crust, black metal, whatever the fuck you want to define them as band. Introduced to be through a split ep between Iskra and Against Empire (Another of my favourites), the bands new cd Bureval is an absolute compilation of all their previous albums talent, angry, fury and lyrical genius poured into one cd.

I really don't have any words to describe the pure joy I got out of this album, just fucking download it and listen to it yourself. VERY worth it.


Iskra - Bureval

Monday, November 30, 2009

His Hero Is Gone - Monument To Thieves

First started in 1995, His Hero is Gone is an influential, heavy as shit, hard hitting crust punk and sludge metal band. Active from '95 til '98 the band released several splits, ep's, lp's and made appearances on a few compilations. Monument the Thieves attests to the brutality of HHIG, highly, highly recommended for those who like bands such as NAUSEA.

1. Like Weeds
2. Monuments to Thieves
3. Paranoia Secured
4. Carry On
5. Automation
6. Cavities
7. Chain of Command
8. Headless/Heartless
9. Hinges
10. Sin and Vice
11. Mess
12. Disease of Ease
13. Under Watchful Eyes
14. Stacks
15. Unwanted Child


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Head on a Stick - Demo 2009

Head on a Stick is a hardcore band from virginia. They have a more slow sludgy sound to them that I usually prefer, but they do know how to pick things up when the time is right. Listed influences include The Swarm, Ruination, Acrid, Haymaker and Converge.

1. Riseofsins - Empiresfalling
2. Set Aside
3. Pressure
4. Salvation
5. The City That Always Burns (Haymaker cover)