Sunday, December 6, 2009

Corporation - A New Pope & Corporation Strikes Back

Corporation is a skacore/punk band from Ontario. They take some elements from ska and combine it with fast punk.
In December 2006, the band released their first, completely D.I.Y. CD: “A New Pope”. Containing 9 tracks, and crowd favourites such as “Channel 39”, “My Choice” and “Invasion Of The Walmartians”, it showed the raw energy and potential that Corporation could wield. Corporation released their new full-length album, titled “The Corporation Strikes Back”. Showcasing all new songs such as “Charon Doesn’t Have Change For Million Dollar Bills”, “Guantanamo Bay”, and “Dead At The Age Of 18”. It is evident that they have upped the ante, reaching new levels of energy and creativity, all while maintaining to keep D.I.Y. productions.

This isn't some big corporate band. I won't upload their newest album"The Return of Corporation" because I want you to BUY it. I only uploaded the first two albums to get people interested in the band, and to see if they like what they hear. If you do, go BUY the albums, and pick up The Corporation Strikes back while you're there. Support these guys.
To demonstrate the newer/ish sound I included "Money Machine" as a track because it's on their myspace anyways.

Seriously, buy the new album. Support these guys. They're a good band. (And they really like Star Wars)



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