Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maple Street Impressions - MSI

Maple Street Impressions

Who said Punk was dead?

Hailing from Maple Ontario, four young teenagers have swallowed the pill of putrid, hate and anger that is punk rock, and regurgitated it into a symphony of revolutionary noise. Taking on the task of booking their own shows, Joey, Brad, Luke and Dave have started what is to be one of the freshest, most energetic punk rock bands to grace Ontario in the last ten years. With the release of their self-entitled EP, they’ve unleashed a blitzkrieg of shows to promote their sound and band, while remaining loyal to their fan base. Stopping at nothing, this onslaught of revolutionary noise has now teamed up with the producer of the legendary third-wave ska band ‘Big D and the Kids Table’ to produce their new album which is to be released sometime this year. When we thought all hope was lost, the scene was dead and there was nothing new to look forward to, Maple Street Impressions blasted onto the Oshawa scene, and left few standing to tell the tale. They’ve worked together with such artists as local talent Keepin’ 6, and widely known creators of Horror-Punk, The Misfits. At eighteen years of age, these young geniuses have much to look forward too.

Promoting peace, non-violence and a hell of a good time partying, Maple Street provides a good anchor against human tragedy at all of their shows. For the few minutes that seem to last forever as they rip their set and shred their instruments, the reconciled world is there and then. Beyond what’s real and in front of you, Maple Street Impressions offers an escape to the ideal perfect world that we all wish to live in, a friendly environment that still leaves room for absolute chaos in the pit. With songs like ‘Dead To the Government’ and ‘No-Law,’ M.S.I. presents overt socio-political lyrics that everyone can relate to and understand, making the already upbeat, catchy tunes easily understandable for all.

- Zachary Weaver

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